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Your Business Growth

Expanding your referral network is one of the most critical aspects of your job. You must actively promote the benefits of referring and engage with potential referral sources to build stronger relationships.
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Romance Scams in 2023

What we found next was devasting. People on the other side of the world stole my identity. Subsequently, they create fake profiles to steal as much money as possible. And that makes me pretty angry.
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I’m Positive!

We can transform the culture, workplace, and environment by shifting focus back to positivity and demanding it from ourselves.
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Are You Starting Up a Start-up?

We're living in a time when we're the freest, with access to the most data and the most significant number of potential investors, customers, and teammates ever.
Business can be hard for everyone including Anthony Dohrmann

Business is Hard

I heard the words "ridiculous" and "ludicrous"; Ignorant was another descriptor of my decision. They said it's never going to happen.

Keep Selling!

We are optimists by trade and respect a good pitch; it's in our nature to believe what we hear, primarily when it supports our plan. I'm here to interject a little reality and test whether you have heard any of these great lies about selling.
Anthony Dohrmann - Entrepreneur Resources List

The Ultimate List of Entrepreneur Resources

Deciding to start and grow your own business can be both exciting and overwhelming. No matter if it is your first time or fifth, entrepreneurs especially need inspiration once in a while to feel like they are on the right track.
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Do you sell well?

So, you've decided to sell? You've got to start by deciding and then planning. Where will you focus, and where will you set your minimum standards? How many orders will you reach daily, five days a week?
Anthony Dohrmann Recession Tips

9 Tips for Entrepreneurs Approaching a Recession

Entrepreneurs are what makes the world and the local economy go 'round. Lately, you can’t read the news without seeing articles about the upcoming recession. Dive in to read my recession tips for entrepreneurs.
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Steps to Becoming a Great Salesperson

Daily, when I talk about 'the field,' I speak of a group of people with great hearts and good skills. Sometimes I worry they have difficulty envisioning themselves building and managing a business. It can be scary to think about running a business and starting to organize a plan.